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Burd Early - "Falling Feather"


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Singer/songwriter Burd Early made his debut in 2000 by introducing the world to his dirt-road indie rock. Bittersweet like Elliott Smith but dark and mysterious like Joe Henry and Lou BarlowEarly is a native New Yorker. He can be found playing club shows in and around the city. James Angelos, the real person behind the Burd Early project, possessed the rare gift of patience, an admirable trait that allows him to build songs on reliable and well-polished scaffolding, creating the perfect environment for the Burd Early axis, which is nothing more than his deep and expressive voice. Because he knows that haste takes you nowhere, his allies in this beautiful “Falling Feather”, drummer Jim White and guitarist Marc Gartman (The Dirty Three), wait quietly in a corner, until they find the right moment to take part, without showing off nor being extravagant.