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VV.AA. - "Acuarela Songs 3"


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Just like Acuarela’s two previous compilations, published in 2001 and 2002, the leitmotiv of this double CD was that the term ACUARELA or its equivalent in the native language of the different groups and artists who participate (English, French, Spanish, Basque…) is present throughout the record, be it in the songs’ title, lyrics or spirit (as is the case of the instrumental tracks). It’s important to mention that each and every song in Acuarela Songs 3 —as in Acuarela Songs 1 and 2— are new tracks that have been composed specially for this project. Thus, the record is an exclusive collection of precious music material conceived with a sole aim: to back up what we consider a compilation should be, and that is more than the sum of its parts. Here we have Piano Magic, Early Day Miners, June Panic, Julie Doiron, Decemberists, Chris Brokaw and Tara Jane O’Neil, Berg Sans Nipple, Tarentel, Tex La Homa, Maquiladora, Ant, Bud Early, Rivulets or Destroyer.

1. Theory Of Ghosts
2. 10000 Houses Shining Along Your Road
3. When I Come Around
4. Short Song For A Short Mind
5. Better Now
6. Everyone Is Saying 'Hello Again'
7. On A Great Lake
8. Everything To Me
9. Los pies congelados
10. Waited For You
11. Muga Kanta
12. Water Color
13. Enter This House
14. Summer And You
15. T.C. Steele
16. The Kingdom Of Spain - V. Oak St. Bldg
17. Gizon Arrunt Bat
18. Screening (Director's Cut)
19. The Greatest Acuarela Of All Time
20. Each One As Lovers
21. Grandes ocasiones
22. Untitled (Watercolor #2)
23. Song For Acuarela
24. A Charm Against Unlucky Marks
25. Song For Acuarela
26. Yangtze
27. Boundless Watercolored
28. All These Impossible Pictures I Paint In My Head
29. ...And The Only Shape He Saw Was Of The Sun