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VV.AA. - "Songs To Break God's Heart"


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Acuarela has never been too keen on releasing compilations. In the label's history we have only launched the out of stock "Brumario" and the three volumes of "Acuarela Songs". Putting together loose songs from a vast catalogue 'just because' has always seemed capricious, artificial and a mere display of flair where one simply mixes different artists as you would find on a cassette tape with a sticker reading "Summer of 94". The reason behind "Songs to Break God's Heart" —the title's inspired by Hefner's wonderful 1996 debut— was to bring together on one CD a sample of the label's artists, plus recent additions and a series of likeminded artists. The intention was to offer a stimulating collection of 19 songs, most of them previously unreleased and recorded for the occasion.

01. THE ZEPHYRS “A Friend” —Exclusive mix.
02. DARREN HAYMAN “Little Brown Chevette” —Exclusive track.
03. BURD EARLY “To Be (Done)” —Exclusive track.
04. AROAH “Otro triste final” —Exclusive track.
05. TARA JANE O’NEIL & MIGGY “They Don’t Know” —Exclusive track.
07. TEX LA HOMA “Whatever You Do” —Exclusive track.
08. THE STRUGGLERS “Dancing Song” —Exclusive track.
09. JR “Eh Mono!” —Demo version.
10. THE FRENCH “Watery for…” —Exclusive track.
11. MATT ELLIOTT VS MANY FINGERS “Lost (version pour Elise)”
—Exclusive track.
12. XIU XIU “Brian the Vampire” Rave mix.
13. THIS SONG IS A MESS BUT SO AM I “Brother” —Exclusive track.
14. DREKKA “Without Revelation There Is No Love” —Exclusive track.
15. REFREE “El sótano” —Demo version.
16. P:ANO “Hiroshima Mon Amour” —Exclusive cover.
17. EARLY DAY MINERS “Lux Perpetua” —Exclusive track.
18. 12TWELVE “Mr. Gesus” —Exclusive track.
19. MECCA NORMAL “Throw Silver” —Exclusive live version.